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Cycling Coach

Why do I need a cycling coach?

Cycling Coach

Many people ask themselves this question only to dismissively conclude that the answer is that they don’t need a cycling coach. Highly successful people seem to have a different view of the issue and generally this view is: ‘If a coach can help me win – I want one – because I want to win.’
To ‘win’ may not necessarily be a specific race or competition, but ‘win’ with regards to achieving your personal goals; to truly succeed at what you have decided to focus on and to invest energy in. A coach takes these goals and helps you focus on them, devises a plan and keeps you on track.
One response to this question is, ‘isn’t coaching just for elite athletes, I don’t think I’m good enough?’ Coaching is not just for those at the pinnacle of a sport, it is for everyone. Generally, those at the top of a sport started off just like you and me, and engaged a coach to help along the way. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, get fitter to make your riding more enjoyable, to tune your skills or are aiming to be the next world champion: a coach can help you reach your goal.
A resounding speech from well-known motivational coach Tony Robbins, echoes the importance of coaching through all aspects of life:
‘To get lasting change, you need to give up the idea of ‘trying something’ and commit to mastery. Immersion coaching is the technique that has been used for centuries. It is the concept behind apprenticeships, where you find a mentor and learn every thing you can from them. If you want lasting change, set yourself up to win. Set yourself up with a process that allows you to consistently grow, enjoy your life and produce the results you’re really after. It doesn’t matter what endeavor you are chasing, coaching is the one of the most valuable tools in the world.’
Effective coaching makes all the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Coaching is all about making a difference, about tapping into the value of the knowledge and experience of others, to open your own possibilities. In fact, the willingness to learn through being coached is not just a habit of successful people – it is an obsession.
The very idea that you don’t have to ‘go it alone’ is central to this formulation – but the really important message is that you deserve (you are worth) the support of an experienced coach. Take this single step and a world of new opportunities opens.
What can I expect from a PCS coach?

1. Accountability

  • A PCS cycling coach will talk openly and regularly about performance and push you to improve.
  • Encourage you to be responsible for your performance and encourage you to evaluate your performance regularly.
  • Devise strategies for improvement. Ensure you are clear about goals, targets and expectations.

2. Focus

  • A PCS cycling coach will support you through your plan and map out a clear development journey.
  • Keep you on track throughout each stage and ensure you reach each goal before moving on to the next stage.

3. Motivation

  • Having someone who understands what you are aiming for and being there when times are tough.
  • Provide you with the tools to overcome adversity.

4. Resources

  • PCS cycling coaches have a range of tools and techniques to aid you in achieving your goals. These tools are adaptable and your coach will mold them to each individual.
  • Each coach has a vast array of experience and a pool of knowledge that you can explore.

5. A Different Perspective

  • Someone on the outside when your focus has narrowed and you can’t see a way to get over an obstacle.
  • A coach can provide a different view, a new approach and an objective point of view.

6. Challenge

  • A PCS cycling coach will challenge you to push yourself and go that extra mile.
  • Challenge a negative attitude and defeatist mind-set.
  • Challenge you to dig deeper and reach beyond what you thought was possible.

A study in the UK (1) has shown that:

  • If you commit your goals to writing you are 40% more likely to achieve them.
  • If you tell someone else you are 60% more likely to achieve them.
  • If you have a coach you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals.

An athlete has a coach if they have made a personal commitment to improve! Do you want to improve? Make the commitment to yourself, to do better, to reach for your goals, to believe that you can achieve you dreams. Contact us at Progressive Coaching Systems and discover a new world of training today!

‘When you die there will be an eternity for being what you have become with more than enough time left over to be no more forever. But while you are here and alive take the life that is there for you to take – and take the guidance of those who can help you find the upward path.’

- Unknown
(1) Evans, C 2005, Personal and Business Coaching, United Kingdom, Viewed 20 November 2012,>

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