Road Cycling Training

Road Cycling Training

Road Racing and Training

To become a successful road rider, you will need to train specifically for the repeated power outputs typical of the terrain such short steep climbs, longer sustained climbs, sprinting and time trialling. All contribute to the highly variable output power demands of road bike racing and riding.   We can help improve your aerobic and muscular endurance, anaerobic energy system and assist you to achieve greater power and speed.
PCS has a strong understanding of how these principles should be developed with proven periodisation programs to build peak performance while minimising your risk of overtraining.  Training programs are specifically designed and tailored for the different styles of road racing including stage races, day classics, time trials and criteriums.  

Road Racing

road-racingGiven the distinct physiological demands imposed by cross country and downhill racing, most elite level mountain bikers tend to specialise in just one discipline. In cross-country races, athletes complete several laps of a 5-9 km circuit, which will include a significant amount of hill climbing and technical descents.  Race durations range from 90-120 minutes right up 24 hours.  Elite level cross country riders require a large aerobic capacity and the ability to sustain a high percentage of this for a prolonged period of time.

Cross country races traditionally feature a mass start as shown in the photo below. Globally, XC racing is governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Road Race Training with PCS

Regardless of the specialist discipline or type of road event you choose, the training year will typically consist of a general preparation, specific preparation and a competition phase and off-season, with the length of each phase dependent on the competitive schedule of individual athletes.  For road racing, the focus of the pre-season is to develop a large endurance base, which they will aim to maintain during the season as well as specific climbing strength.  During the specific preparation phase shorter and more intense efforts are required to increase anaerobic capacity and your lactate tolerance.

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